Ceramic Lagged Drive Drum Pulleys

When circumstance dictates, SpecDrum drive drum pulleys can be Ceramic Lagged as per our customers request.

At SpecDrum we cold bond the ceramic lagging to the drive drum pulley using only specialised and trusted adhesives.

IMG_0334Ceramic Lagging is usually used by a client to solve traction or abrasion related issues, achieving up to as much as five times higher co-efficient of friction than that of purely rubber to rubber.

The positive grip improves tracking and reduces slippage. This allows for lower belt tensions that improves the life expectancy of your conveyor components.

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I would consider SpecDrum Engineering the leading manufacturer of conveyor pulleys. I have been dealing with SpecDrum for almost 10 years in the industry, and the service and quality has always been top class. Competitive pricing, helpful staff and on time deliveries are always key factors… SpecDrum provide all of these in abundance.

Paul Mc Glone Purchasing Manager, Telestack

Paul Mc Glone
Purchasing Manager, Telestack